What We Are

Simrah Enterprises was established in 1997 by late Mr.Abdul Razzak Bilal Kheradia, the firm has been dealing in footwear for the past 17 years. The company was established with the sole motto of honesty, integrity & transparency. It was then taken over by Mr.Riyaz Abdul Razzak Kheradia in 2001 and he single handed managed the shop for 10 years.

About Our Shop

The shop is situated in Kambekar Street, which is turning out to not only serve the domestic market but also becoming a very great interest for the International markets like the Gulf and the African markets. The shop used to be quite ordinary like any other where its situated, it has just been entirely renovated and re-opened on the 15th of August, 2014.

About Our Brand

Now we are dealing and specializing only in ladies handcrafted footwear products which we are manufacturing under our own label and brand – OSTRO. With over 500 and more designs to choose from, the design inspirations are upscale international at affordable prices.

Our Vision

Our main focus has always been customer service with full satisfaction and to ensure the quality and endurance of our service to all our clients.